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Remember that?

We’d turn off the television and put down the games, and we had fun in the fresh air. We’d play so hard and laugh so much — we wouldn’t notice the cold at all!

It turns out, our parents were right. When kids play outside, they gain more than just fun. They develop vital life skills and healthy lifestyle habits. Active outdoor play builds healthy bodies and fosters self-reliance, confidence, and independence.

When families play together, children learn from example that outdoor physical activity is an important part of a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Let’s help more kids and families go play outside!

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These days, too many Canadian children spend their free time — as much as nine hours a day — watching television or playing video and computer games, rather than engaging in outdoor physical play.

Only a third of children take part in sports, and less than half play sports year round. Fewer kids play outside at recess or after school. Only a handful walk enough on a regular basis to experience any health benefits.

But when children play, they’re not just exercising their bodies. They’re building skills and abilities that will benefit them through their lives – both personally and in the workplace. 

Through play, kids acquire and develop in-demand “soft skills” — collaboration, communication, problem solving, time management, and leadership — that spell success in education and employment.

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