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The project also offers a huge tourism and economic opportunity when visitors join the fun! Optimist Hill would provide outdoor and indoor facilities at a central and convenient location.

The indoor facilities, a chalet with rooms suitable for meeting and social gatherings, take advantage of the riverbank’s natural beauty and can host a range of community events, including festivals, concerts, and other celebrations.

45% of Saskatoon's visitors visit Saskatoon in the months between October to March. This park will be one more reason they come to Saskatoon and we believe will expand on the number of visitors who come during the winter months, as well as those who come in summer months.

Nearly half of all visitors to Saskatoon stay overnight, and out-of-province guests account for 56% of all spending by overnight visitors to Saskatoon. We also know that Employers need to be able to promote the livable city and enjoyable city elements when recruiting employees from other cities, provinces and countries, we believe this park project will serve as an invaluable asset in this regard. Additionally, companies when considering locating to Saskatoon what to ensure this is a lovable city and one in which their employees can prosper and live a full life. This park project will add to this element for such companies.

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